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The Physiotherapy Centre - Latest position regarding Covid-19

Covid-19 Update - July 2021
In response to the Government recommendations regarding COVID19, to lift restrictions on July 19th 2021, the Physiotherapy Centre is notifying all patients that as a medical practice, we have to continue to follow the guidelines of PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND, who are recommending that all previous COVID19 safety precautions remain in place until we are notified otherwise.
Face Coverings will still be required within the building, social distancing and Hand sanitising will still be in place and staff will still be using/wearing appropriate PPE.
These measures are continuing for the safety of staff and patients in an area of close proximity and contact and so we thank you for your understanding in these changing times. Please be assured, we are always available for advice should you need it.
 Please contact us through our remote reception team on 01795 435060 or email info@thephysiotherapycentre.co.uk. You can also visit our Facebook page keep in touch with the latest updates.
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